Fashion Walk of Fame

These circular brass plates are set into Seventh Avenue—”Fashion Avenue”—around 47th Street.

The title plate reads:

“Fashion Walk of Fame celebrates excellence in American Design by honoring the New York Designers who have had a significant and lasting impact on the way the world dresses.

“New York has been the undisputed center of American fashion since the mid-19th Century when the development of mass-production led to the growth of the apparel trades. The birth of the Fashion District, also known as the Garment Center, occurred in the 1920s, when a large group of garment manufacturers relocated to Seventh Avenue. new loft space was developed especially to accommodate “modern” manufacturing and to satisfy labor’s demands for safer working conditions. By 1931, this District had the largest concentration of apparel manufacturers in the world and since then has been home to the greatest names in American design.”

This is a little misleading, as New York has largely let the fashion industry die. The showrooms remain, but the bulk of the manufacturing is long gone.


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